Future of BIBCAT

As a core component for building RDF applications, BIBCAT is now used in a number of applications including:

  • Colorado Alliance of Research GoldRush BIBCAT
  • Plains2Peaks Regional DP.LA service hub for Colorado and Wyoming
  • Knowledge Graph indexed into an Elasticsearch back-end for a Kean University Academic Conceige iOS app.

Release of BIBCAT Publisher

BIBCAT Publisher is an open-source linked-data publishing platform for an institution’s knowledge graphs and digital objects. Using RML mappings, different data sources can feed into a normalized RDF triples based on BIBFRAME, Schema.org, and bibliotek-o vocabularies. Unique digital objects can be ingested into a Fedora repository with access and discovery provided through a search index while also supporting a full SPARQL endpoint using Blazegraph. A full CRUD UI for the Knowledge Graphs

Disclosure - I'm a co-founder of KnowledgeLinks

BIBCAT Publisher turn-key hosting, technical support, and training will be offered by KnowledgeLinks.io.

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