RdfFramework Documentation

Developed by KnowledgeLinks.io


This application reads a RDF data file that describes a web application using the knowledgelinks.io data-structures RDF Vocabulary. The current test web application is for issuing and hosting Open Badges.


The versitility of RDF allows a simple means for describing anything. Using our developed vocabulary for describing a web application we are building a framework for a highly customizable, secure and a fully RDF/bigdata integrated web application.

Since RDF databases do not have inherent forced data structures like SQL Databases (i.e. table defs, primary keys, etc) they have great flexibility. However, with the increased flexibility comes other challenges:

  • Challenge of consistant object saving
  • Redudant data
  • Data consistancy
  • Consistancy between modules reading and saving data

To solve this problem the kds vocabulary completely integrates with the any other RDF vocabulary (i.e. schema, FOAF, etc.) by augmenting those vocabularies with how they are to be used in the specific application.

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